i went to an ecologic “festival” and was part of this activity called “illustration blablabla” 

it was illustrating with ink and… something i dunno the name in english, but is those white trays that you usually find in supermarkets, you know, when you go buy meat and there’s meat in this white tray wrapped in plastic

so the technique was carving a drawing on the tray and then apply ink on it, and then put it on paper

it was fun :3

this year i’m turning 20

you know what that means?

that next year i’m gonna be 21 (YOU DON’T SAY)

and i’m getting my tattooooooo oOooOoO

so i have two options

learn to draw realistic crows and draw them beautiful


pay someone to draw me a beautiful crow

what to do what to do

hey guys

i kind of need reccomendations to make a charm… like.. spiritual charm

you see, i’ve been having terrible nightmares, the worst i’ve ever had had to do with the devil

man was a terrible, terrible nightmare, i had to constantly yell to not get trapped in the dream and see terrible things

i also felt like someone was over me and man it was a terrible night for me

i’m not saying it was a demon, or a ghost… but i think a charm will calm me down, maybe everything is suggestive and with a charm i can…. like convince myself that i’ll be ok and nightmares will go away!

i was thinking of making an eye bead charm but… i dunno man whatchu reccomend :c